2 weeks in

Well, sorry for the long hiatus i took from the blog. Honestly it’s been hard to actually want to write in here and look forward to talking about my knee and not playing this season. But i guess this is also part of the recovery and coming to terms with injuries and the affect they can have on you. I have never had to deal with anything like this before in my life, all of the sudden I was unable to do what I love and had to figure out what needed to be done to be able to return.†

So, two weeks ago yesterday I had the Microfracture surgery done in Seattle by our team doctor. It was such a long process to get to the point where the decision on surgery was made. Between not knowing exactly what was causing the pain, trying everything there was to try pre-operation, and second opinions, it took almost 9 months from the initial time when i experienced discomfort. But mentally right now I am in a much better place than i was before the surgery. I look forward to going to the complex everyday and doing everything that i have to do that day to get better. And that’s the key, taking it one day at a time. I’ve had a couple of good buddies that have gone through the process of recovering from a serious injury. Two guys I played at Miami with, Carlos Gutierrez and Blake Tekotte. Carlos had the infamous tommy john procedure after his freshman year at Miami. Blake had an acl surgery on his knee his senior year of high school. One thing i learned from talking to both of them is that it’s a long process that you have to take day by day. Some days it will feel good and some days it won’t. But you have to stay the course.
One thing I am having fun doing is keeping up with how all of my former and current teammates are doing this season. I learned how to bookmark them on milb.com and follow them daily. Jemile Weeks, my roommate for 3 years in college, finally got out of the desert in Arizona rehabbing and is playing in the Cal league. Second game back he went big fly, that’s how we do from the “U”. Seriously i’m telling you, I have this machine that I have to put my leg in for 6-8 hrs a day for the first 6 weeks after surgery, i have a lot of time on my hands. So, this time consists of me, coming back from the field, getting in the machine and literally counting down until their games start. Oh, and also the NBA playoffs, which have been amazing. Me personally would like to see the LeBron/Kobe finals with the Cavs and the Lakers like probably everyone else in the country except for those in Denver and Orlando. What those guys do is on a different level, we’re watching what are gonna be 2 of the greatest to ever play the game in the prime of their careers. Although i think LeBron can get better, and so does he. I think it’s possible that he can average a triple-double throughout a season, which has only been done once before. But we’ll see.†
To the comment in my last entry, Yes i definitely keep up and in touch with former teammates. Playing at Miami was the best experience of my life and the guys on the teams I was apart of were great. It;s always fun texting them and calling them to see how everyone is doing and we’ll all get together in the off season back in Miami. The only one i don’t know of is Graham Taylor? I think he might have went to Miami of Ohio. But thanks for the comments and support, talk to you guys soon


Get well soon, Dennis. What kind of timetable are they giving you? Good luck with the rehab.

You’ve got the right attitude, Dennis. I have little doubt you’ll be back and mashing by next season. Work hard on your rehab and we’ll look forward to seeing you back with the org. Keep us posted!

Good luck Mr. Raben, just dont pull a Crabtree (49ers) and eat pizza all day every day. We could use your power out there.

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