April 2009

Back in Action

Sorry for the time in between these last two blogs, there are a couple reasons for it. The first one is that I actually got to go home for a 4 day weekend this past weekend. I had my last injection last Wednesday and went home Thursday thru Monday morning. It was very nice to go home for the first time in a few months and also probably the last time for a while. The weekend included home cooked meals, time with the family, time with the girlfriend, the beach, haha it was really nice…… The second reason was I forgot my password to log into my blog. Haha, so I had to get a new password and finally get back into things.

When I got back from my nice weekend at home, I came back to a nice little surprise involving the plan of action with my knee and the rehab. Turns out I started hitting and throwing the last few days and also am going to start trying to do some light agility work. I don’t really feel any significant relief with my knee right now, but we are just going to continue the rehab and increasing activity everyday as long as I can hold up and feel alright. The plan is to hopefully play in an extended game out here in Arizona in maybe 2-3 weeks and see how it feels. I’m hoping for the best and enjoying the time in the cages for now.
Since my last blog we’ve had this little thing called Opening Day happen. There’s nothing like opening day, every team has been waiting since the final out in their last game to get back out there and try to do better than last season, except for the Phillies, they are trying to do the same thing. Every opening day I’ve been involved in have been very exciting, but if I had to pick one that I would say was my favorite it would be my freshman year at Miami. I remember finding out the day before that I would be starting as the DH in the first game of my freshman year at the University of Miami. I was very excited and a little nervous at the same time; I ended up getting my first hit and rbi out of the way along with the first victory so it was a good day. And even though i’m not involved in an opening day this year, I am very excited to start watching baseball tonight and to start keeping up with all of the games around the league.

Vegas… and a little of Tyson

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone wishing me well with my potential surgery and recovery.

So, the big league team left for Las Vegas today to play 2 exhibition games against the Rockies. Nice little tune up before the season kicks off in Minnesota, also a nice last hoo-rah before the season starts, those guys should have a blast. It’s awesome to see my buddy Tyson Gillies get invited to go play with them, he deserved it. He got to play in about 20 big league games this spring and really made an impression on the club. He plays the game the right way and when you have the kind of speed he has and the ability to make consistent contact, good things are going to happen.
Tyson is a unique guy, he is hearing impaired and wears hearing aids at all times. When Tyson and I first met in Everett last year I was thinking to myself, “Communicating with this kid might be pretty difficult in the outfield.” So after a couple days into the time I was there we developed a system of waiving each other off on fly balls so that he could take a peak and see me rather than have to listen for me. This game is all about adjustments and the quicker you can adjust to what is thrown at you, the better you’re going to be.

Kickin things off

Hows everybody doing out there? Well, here goes nothing. Just wanted to start this blog off right and introduce myself. Im looking forward to the opportunity of hopefully make some fans on this thing haha. We can talk about anything you want to talk about. Just a little brief update on me, I have been having some problems with my right knee since about September last year. I recently had an arthroscopic surgery on it to clean it out a bit and the doctor found some soft cartilage in there that didnt show up on the previous exams. Right now Im continuing to rehab and do everything the trainers tell me to do so that I can play ASAP. I havent been experiencing any relief thus far but am still hoping to turn a corner sometime soon. There is a possibility that if I dont turn that corner soon that I would need further surgery on my knee and would be out for this season. I have never missed time due to injury before this past year so Im chompin at the bit to get back out there. Whatever ends up happening I know that i will come back from this stronger mentally and physically. And I can assure you that from the next time I get to lace up my spikes on, I will be more grateful for the game of baseball and for being healthy every time out there. Well I look forward to hearing some responses from you all.