Up and Running!

Hope everyone is doing well out there. I appreciate the comments and the support on the blog. To answer the question about winter ball, I will not be playing. The knee just won’t be healed enough to be able to play this winter. All of my energy and focus is on being 100% by the start of Spring Training and having a healthy and successful 2010. 

Today I am 17 weeks out of surgery and everything is feeling really well. I was home in South Florida this past week and it was so nice to have a break from rehab and Arizona. I have this debate all the time and this week confirmed that I am a Miami heat fan rather than an Arizona heat fan. The heat in Arizona is brutal in the summer, I honestly feel like I am walking around with a blow dryer in my face on the hottest days out here. I personally would much rather deal with the humidity of South Florida. But then again I might be bias growing up down there. Anyway, I had a great time being home. I saw a lot of family which was really nice. My parents threw a little coming home get together dinner for me and a bunch of my Aunts and Uncles made it over along with my Grandparents. My sister was also in town which was a surprise to my parents and I. Also spent a lot of time with my girlfriend Katie and got to see her family as well, and I got to see her play soccer for the first time. She plays for the University of Miami, my alma mater, and they won one and lost one while I was there. But it was a lot of fun to see her play finally and learn about soccer and the actual strategies and all that. I was able to stop by the baseball stadium and check out the upgrades that have been done since I have last been down there. It is amazing, new locker room, weight room, meeting rooms, computer rooms, bleachers, it is a really nice set up and a nice upgrade thanks to various donors including Alex Rodriguez, who it’s named after. It was really nice to see a lot of the guys who were younger when I was there and to see that it’s their team now. 
So I started running this past Monday and it felt surprisingly really well. I am doing this thing where I walk for 4 minutes and jog for 1, for a total of 20 minutes, and about 3 and a half minutes into walking my stomach started turning as I was getting closer to jogging for the first time in almost 12 months. But once I started it felt pretty good, no pain at all, just a little awkward which is expected. I also started hitting this past Monday, just taking some swings off of a tee but it felt good to take some hacks. I should be able to get in on some bp during instructional league out here which starts in a couple of weeks. I’m getting excited that all of this stuff feels good on my knee but I have to realize and tell myself that I still have a long way to go and that I can’t try and overdue stuff. Pain wise my knee feels great but I have a lot of strength to get back in my right leg and also just getting back into everything which will take a while. But I’m excited about running and hitting and going to the field everyday and getting a day closer to spring training and back playing. So everything is good out her in Arizona, it’s starting to get into the low 100’s and high 90’s, which is good, and people should start coming into town soon for instructs and fall league. It’ll be nice to see a bunch of guys for the first time since spring training. 
Hope all is well

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You’re a Miami kid? I am too, and I hate it. I feel like I’m swimming in the humidity, but luckily there is a cold front right now. I think we can agree that California weather is the best.
The one good thing about Florida? Spring Training!! I always drive up to see my Red Sox play wherever they are, and I love seeing the prospects. I wish you the best of luck in your rehabilitation.

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