Making Progress

Well, it’s been a while since i’ve written in here but i’ve had some people tell me they were looking forward to hearing about me and how rehab is coming along. It’s such a strange feeling when you miss a year, especially it being your first year in an organization. Rehab is the same thing day in and out but over time you make strides and notice improvement, and I’m starting to get to that point.

A week ago I started running in the pool and also throwing outside. Wow, does it feel good to go outside and feel the sun beat down on you while you’re actually doing something. I’ve been inside for so long and non-active that i forgot what it’s like. I never knew I’d be so happy to get outside in 110 degree Arizona heat to “play catch”. But I think that tells me something, it tells me that even though I don’t realize it, and I can say that i never did, but I think i took playing every day for granted. It sucks that something like this has to happen for you to realize it, but i think that’s the good that comes out of it. I can’t wait to be able to play and I really think that I am going to be different when I get on that field from now on. I think I’ll have a new appreciation for the game that I love.
I’m a little over 13 weeks out of surgery and the season is winding down. It feels like it’s gone by so fast but then again I haven’t been out there playing every day like the guys who are out there. I’m glad though that it’s gone by fast. I get to go home in two weeks and I’ll be there for 8 days. It’s going to be a nice break from rehab and Arizona to just go home and relax and not think about my knee. But I also feel like I’m going to be excited to get back because when i come back I start running and hitting. Man i haven’t run in about a year because of my knee so I think this is the biggest telling sign of how everything is coming along. I’m not expecting it to feel great right away, just like the squats and the lunges, and the walking, and the step ups. It’s something that will gradually get better and better the more i do it and the more comfortable I feel doing it. Hitting has never given me any problems but it will definitely feel nice to hit. The crack of the bat and the echo that comes with it in an enclosed batting cage is a beautiful sound of a hitter working on his craft, and for the first time in about 4 and a half 5 months, that hitter will be me.
Well that’s the update from the training room, although I’m starting to gradually get out of it. I hope everyone’s doing well and looks forward to hearing more. I’ll be back on that field in no time.


Hey Dennis,

I’m very glad to hear that things are actually progressing for you. I know how the whole knee thing goes, I had my left one replaced last december and I’m still not back 100% (my golf game is lagging a bit).

Are you going to play any winter ball?


Hey there,
I just started reading your blog today and I think its great that even though you’re sitting out this season you’re sharing your experience with everyone. Its neat to hear about the rehabilitation process (i’m going to school to be a physical therapist) and its encouraging to hear that you’re optimistic about the future. Keep up the good work and we hope to see you (and Tyson) out at Safeco field someday!

hey good luck making it to the show sometime soon, keep working hard!

Hi Dennis,

Good to hear you’re doing well and taking steps to get back into the game. Tayler and I miss seeing you out there. We’ll continue to pray for healing and are anxious to see you out on the diamond soon.


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