Vegas… and a little of Tyson

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone wishing me well with my potential surgery and recovery.

So, the big league team left for Las Vegas today to play 2 exhibition games against the Rockies. Nice little tune up before the season kicks off in Minnesota, also a nice last hoo-rah before the season starts, those guys should have a blast. It’s awesome to see my buddy Tyson Gillies get invited to go play with them, he deserved it. He got to play in about 20 big league games this spring and really made an impression on the club. He plays the game the right way and when you have the kind of speed he has and the ability to make consistent contact, good things are going to happen.
Tyson is a unique guy, he is hearing impaired and wears hearing aids at all times. When Tyson and I first met in Everett last year I was thinking to myself, “Communicating with this kid might be pretty difficult in the outfield.” So after a couple days into the time I was there we developed a system of waiving each other off on fly balls so that he could take a peak and see me rather than have to listen for me. This game is all about adjustments and the quicker you can adjust to what is thrown at you, the better you’re going to be.


stumbled in your blog last night! was wondering why we didn’t see you at spring training…now I know!

I will have to let Tyson know you are writing about him! Have to say we are pretty proud of what he has accomplished this spring!

best of luck to you with your surgery and recovery! want to see you back playing!!

take care!

Tyson’s host mom in Everett

You certainly made quiet the splash in Everett when you showed up. I hope everything goes well with your rehab.

The first time anybody sees Tyson, they are picking their jaw off the ground from watching him run. His speed is just insane. He makes it look so easy too.

Tyson is tailor-made for Safeco! With speed like that a team can concentrate on going some power bats to compliment him, such as…. Oh, I don’t know, perhaps that Raben kid might be a good pick 🙂

I am really excited with the level of talent that we have picked up the last couple of years. Dennis, you are right there at the top when it comes to the talent!


Yo Big D! Keep us up to date on the knee — love to see you blogging — might be out your way in May/June so might hit the Desert high Mavs for a game or two –

Cuz Jesse (tall good looking Jesse)

Yo Big D! Keep us up to date on the knee — love to see you blogging — might be out your way in May/June so might hit the Desert high Mavs for a game or two –

Cuz Jesse (tall good looking Jesse)

Hey Dennis! Good to see your blog. You mentioned awesome things about Tyson. He sure did great playing with the big league team. We are proud of him and we are proud of you for hanging in there and being optimistic. I know it is difficult to not be able to play when tending to an injury. Tayler and I pray for speedy healing and recovery. We miss watching you play and look forward to seeing you back real soon. I know when you?re healthy, you?ll ROCK! We need that talent of yours to blossom out on the field as it should for the Mariners

~Your host mom (Daisy) and Tayler

Dear Mr. Raben,
I am a 14 year old from Rochester, NY and a huge fan of yours. I would be delighted if you could send me an autograph of yourself.
Thanks and good lukc this season,
Ben Trageser
155 Wyatt Drive
Rochester, NY 14610

Hi Dennis! Tayler & Joshua have been playing JV ball together so we’ve been seeing Daisy quite a bit. She told us about your blog. Joshua & I got to see Tyson play with the big leaguers when we were in Peoria–how fun is that for him?! We wish him all the best of success–he’s a great kid. We’re praying for a quick recovery for you with no need for further surgeries. We hope to see you back on track with your career real soon. Everyone wants to see you out there again hitting those bombs!
Ede (Ryan’s Host Mom)
& family—everyone says “hi”!

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